Extended Zend_Ldap is in Standard Incubator

December 7, 2008 at 16:50 1 comment

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After beeing accepted for Standard Incubator development by the Zend Framework team on November, 1st 2008, the extended Zend_Ldap component (formerly known as Zend_Ldap_Ext) has been moved into the Zend Framework Standard Incubator and can be checked out from there.

This is what the component is all about (from the proposal page):

The existing Zend_Ldap component currently just responds to authentication use cases in all their varieties. There is no posibility to query a LDAP directory service in a unified and consistent way. The current component also lacks core CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete) functionality – operations that are crucial to for example database abstraction layers.
This proposals tries to resolve these deficiencies in that it provides a simple two-ply object oriented model to connect to, query and perfom CRUD operations on an LDAP server. The first layer is a wrapper around the ext/ldap functions, spiced up with extended functionality such as copying and moving (renaming in a LDAP context) nodes and subtrees.
The second layer (Zend_Ldap_Node) provides an active-record-like interface to LDAP entries and stresses the tree-structure of LDAP data in providing (recursive) tree traversal methods.
To simplify the usage of the unfamiliar LDAP filter syntax this components proposes an object oriented approach to LDAP filter string generation, which can loosely be compared to Zend_Db_Select.
Usefull helper classes for creating and modifying LDAP DNs and converting attribute values complete this component.
Furthermore it is possible to do some LDAP schema browsing and to read and write LDIF files.
It is important to note, that this proposal is a complete replacement for the current Zend_Ldap component and does not break backwards-compatibility.

Later today I’ll try to publish a short tutorial on the usage of the (hopefully) new Zend_Ldap component.

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