Update on strcoll() UTF-8 issue

December 8, 2008 at 11:45 1 comment

I just stumpled upon a comment in the Zend Framework Issue Tracker about an UTF-8 issue with PHP on Windows (the issue was about some problem within Zend_Ldap)  which pointed to a MSDN page about setlocale and _wsetlocale. It’s clearly stated there that the CRT function setlocale() does not work with multi-byte charsets on Windows:

The set of available languages, country/region codes, and code pages includes all those supported by the Win32 NLS API except code pages that require more than two bytes per character, such as UTF-7 and UTF-8. If you provide a code page like UTF-7 or UTF-8, setlocale will fail, returning NULL. The set of language and country/region codes supported by setlocale is listed in Language and Country/Region Strings.

That means that setlocale() does not work on Windows when given a locale with an UTF-8 charset, e.g. German_Germany.65001, and therfore you cannot use strcoll() or similar functions for locale-aware string operations with these charsets. It simply is not possible due to a Windows CRT limitation.

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