my name is Stefan Gehrig and I’m a PHP-addicted web-developer from Heilbronn, Germany.

My main projects are the web application of the German Inline-Skaterhockey association ISHD (Inline-Skaterhockey Deutschland) and the homepage of the International Inline-Skaterhockey Federation (IISHF). We’re running the complete league and association administration on a web based solution on our own server. As lead developer and CTO I’m also member of the executive board of the ISHD. Since 2008 I’m also the vice-president of the association with the “Rules of the Game” and trainer/coach schooling as the main areas of responsibility. From 2003 to 2006 I’ve been the assistant coach of Germany’s U19 national team and since 2006 I’m the assistant coach of our men’s national team.

Since 2004 I’ve been appointed one of two German delegates at the International Inline-Skaterhockey Federation and since this year I’m part of the international “Rules of the Game” working-group.

After completing grammar school I studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and started my doctoral thesis, which I aborted after about 2 years.

On this blog I’ll share ideas, thoughts, issues and solutions I encounter on my current project: move the complete ISHD web application to a completely Zend Framework based MVC-patterned solution. I just finished the pre-programming planing and started to rework the club’s contact details administration for which we use a LDAP backed approach.


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