Current projects

  • ISHD (Inline-Skaterhockey Deutschland) web application ( This was my first and still is my main project. It started with a simple guest book (my first PHP3 script) and now is a full fledged league and association administration application. Currently it’s subjected to a full redesign.
  • IISHF (International Inline-Skaterhockey Federation) homepage ( Done some years ago this application is currently not really up-to-date in a technical sense – but actually it does its job quite adequate. There is also a live-ticker application running which is fed by a .NET desktop application comunicating with the web server via SOAP based webservices.
  • This image browsing application is being built for a fellow professional photographer to allow his customers to browse pictures online. It features a fine-grained ACL, a complete CSS based layout and design, AJAX functionality for administration purposes and Piclens plugin support. Originally it ran on a PHP4-only server and has therefore been programmed for PHP4 without all those object-oriented goodies from PHP5.
  • Zend Framework Proposals:
    • Zend_Path: I always looked for a simple way to deal with file-system paths in PHP applications. As I didn’t find anything suitable to me I created a small proposal which approaches these cumbersome tasks such as combing two paths, changing file extensions, normalizing paths and so on. The project is checked in at SVN
    • Zend_Ldap_Ext: Being in the need for a LDAP component that allowed a lot more than the current Zend_Ldap component in the Zend Framework, I created an extension to the currently available Zend_Ldap. The project is checked in at SVN

Former projects

  • MEFA Autohandel und Vermietung GmbH Heilbronn homepage ( Also built on the above mentioned framework this homepage was a complete technical rework. It’s a MySQL backed product catalog for a local truck retailer.
  • HC Köln-West homepage ( I did this page as a friendly turn for an inline-skaterhockey club in Cologne.
  • REV Heilbronn homepage ( I created this simple homepage for my inline-skaterhockey club here in Heilbronn. It’s built on a web framework developed by myself but whose development was abandoned in favor of using the Zend Framework. This homepage was the first one with a complete CSS based layout and design.
  • REV Dragons Heilbronn homepage ( This is the homepage of my inline-skaterhockey team. Once upon a time I did the initial work but in the meantime I handed over the development to a buddy.

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