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Screenshots of game sheets-app for

Currently I’m helping out with a web-application to allow for the presentation and management of game sheets for the regional ice-hockey leagues in North Rhine-Westphalia. The public part (viewing game sheets, showing statistics) will be integrated in a Joomla installation running JoomLeague, which is a league management module for Joomla. The internal part (creating, editing and managing game sheets) is a stand a lone application.

The application is fully build on Zend Framework and uses its MVC component. Authentication is handled by Joomla itself and is provided via a proxy-script.

The underlying database is tightly integrated into the JoomLeague database to use its resources (teams, schedules, players and so on). However the application only reads from those resources and writes to its own tables only. This minimizes the impact an installation has on the core components.

The user interface resembles the UI used on the main page of and uses some AJAX enhancements to improve user experience especially within the management backend, although both back- and frontend also work with Javascript disabled – resulting only in a decrease of comfort and speed (when editing a game sheet).

I put together some screenshots to give some impression about the application that will (hopefully) come online in August this year.



List of games:List of games

Edit game sheet details:ehnet-edit-gamesheet

Edit roster:ehnet-edit-roster

Edit goals:ehnet-edit-goals

Edit penalties:ehnet-edit-penalties

Edit goalkeepers:ehnet-edit-goalkeepers


Show goals scored:ehnet-show-goals

Show penalties given:ehnet-show-penalties

Show goalkeepers’ statistics:ehnet-show-goalkeepers

Show players’ statistics:ehnet-show-roster

Tooltip shown when hovering over a player:ehnet-show-roster-tooltip

Show misc. information about the game:ehnet-show-misc


Player statistics:ehnet-stats-player

Team statistics:ehnet-stats-team


The list of features includes:

  • editing rosters including setting captains and assistants, setting the position (offense, defense, goalkeeper) and the jersey number
  • editing scored goals
  • editing given penalties
  • editing goalkeepers on ice (goalkeeper replacement) to keep track of which goalkeeper was on ice at which point in time
  • editing meta data such as referees and attendance
  • determination of game-winning- or game-tying-goal
  • determination of game-winning, game-tying and/or game-losing goalkeeper
  • calculation of player statistics
    • games played
    • goals, assists, points
    • powerplay goals, assists, points
    • shorthanded goals, assists, points
    • game-winning-goals, game-tying-goals, game-winning-assists, game-tying-assist
    • penalty minutes
  • calculation of goalkeeper statistics
    • games played in goal
    • games won, games lost, games tied
    • time-on-ice
    • goals against
    • goals against average
    • we currently lack a save percentage as the data gathering for shots on goal will be quite difficult in these lower leagues

At this point in time the application is feature complete and only some minor things like “top-20-scorer in the league xy” are missing. It’s up to the guys at to get the thing online now.


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